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Description of MyGate

MyGate application is a great mobile-based intelligent security app. The MyGate app is very helpful to ensure the safety of your residents and the community.

You can invite your friends and family through this app. After inviting your guest, the guest will receive a unique passcode with the invitation via SMS. Guests can enter the passcode at your gate without any hindrance.

Features of MyGate

  • With this app, you can manage daily help like maid, kitchen, driver, electrician, plumber etc. You can get domestic help for you by looking at ratings and comments from the app. You can also find out when your housekeeper has arrived at the apartment.
  • This app has an intercom feature. This feature allows the main gate to keep in touch with you wherever you are. At your visitor’s gate, you will actually first receive a mobile notification and if there is no response to the notification you will receive an automatic phone call.
  • It has the feature of receiving guard and security alert messages through which you will be able to make a digitized communication with the gate, for which you do not even have to go to the intercom. For example:
  • You can pre-approve entries through this MyGate app and keep track of the expected visitors of the day. You can also cancel the pre-approval if you wish.
  • With this app you will be able to read your notice board, lodge complaints, pay arrears, get detailed contact details of contacting committee members and your neighbors.
  • In this MyGate app you will get all the things about your family in one place. You can quickly add your family members to get started on the migration. You can access the benefits of your community using Passcode.
  • You no longer have to go to more than one place to find out who has entered your home, or whether a parcel has arrived, etc. With the app you can search and search for all the activities here.
  • This service is currently available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chennai and Kolkata City.

The security of ourselves and the community is very important to everyone and the MyGate app is very helpful in this regard. You can download the app to mobile from here.


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