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Description of Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a fabulous game to out-run the cop, outsmart rivals and outdrive your friends in the virtual. Your rivals want to defeat you in the game as like happening in the real world. Thrill, challenge, and competition are amazed and fear you.

It is a fantastic video game to play. It is a world open racing game created by Criterion Games and made available by Electronic Arts. The Need for Speed Most Wanted game was so hit in the market that, after releasing the game won some awards.

In 2012 it got spike video game awards for the sake of the best driving game and nominated for the best British game. In 2013 it also obtained the best Online Multiplayer BAFTA awards. After that several outlets recognized it best racing/driving game.

Need for Speed Most Wanted authorizes one player to select one car and make competition against other racers for 3 types of events.

  1. Sprint Race – traveling from 1 point to another point of location/city
  2. Circuit Race – it has 2 or 3 laps and speed runs that cross through a road at the highest average speed possible.
  3. Ambush Race – Players surrounded by police and must evade their pursuit as soon as possible

The interesting thing is that cops are joined with the certain racing secession, in which police set the vehicles and tactics to prevent the players' cars and arrest them.

  • The most wanted list is 10 racers
  • Blacklist the single-player section of the original Most Wanted featuring 15 racers
  • If most wanted racers are defeated; their cars are added to the player roster when the player destroys them

Game unique features:

  • Driving and modify 35 of the world most  fascinating cars
  • Race the way you desire. You can touch and tilt the steer
  • Use mods to boost your car
  • Good Graphics, live wallpaper, and mind-blowing interface
  • Can unlock new cars to get speed points

Experience and no-stop action; no restriction, just intense contest -race, clash and crash a huge variety of things to do. Through the game, you can prove to yourself that you are the best. Whatever you do in the game, one thing you have to do to beat.

Every car has a series of distinctive events. It can customize and design to showcase its unique qualities. You also can make your car the hottest car in the world by beating others one by one to become the most wanted racer.

Above all, playing the game Need for Speed Most Wanted feels you a dream-like experience. Police and rival do anything to defeat or stop. You can get over it using your tactics.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

544 MB

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