Ola Party

Ola Party

igo team

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Description of Ola Party

Enjoy, connect and have fun with the social app. Ola Party app is a combination of Live stream, casual, and voice chat, music, party, and game. It helps to make online friends’ networks all over the world. It is easy to download and install on your mobile phone.

Ola Party is founded by a technology company in Singapore. The goal is to create more interesting content and apps for young users in the world and improving the ways of interacting and having fun. It also supports building groups or communities throughout the world virtually.

Besides that, no matter wherever you live, you can share or exchange views and know each other society, culture, values, and tradition. With this Ola Party social app, you can break the geographical boundary to enjoy life by mixing up with different and distinctive people.

Unique and exciting features of Ola Party,

  • Having chat room, Groups and live stream
  • Attractive and Wonderful colored interface of the app
  • Virtual face to face interaction
  • Watching and performing exciting shows
  • Throw Virtual party for virtual friends’ i.e. birthday, wedding ceremony or anniversary and different festivals of different countries.
  • Secure and safe to protect privacy. 
  • Live battles: Join the live battles to get the huge reward! Bring you a game, and it’s time to enjoy a one-on-one
  • Group video: Bring your squad on and let us have a group video chat with game and effects, Ola Party helps you to seize the moment.

Above all, Ola Party application has lots of features to enjoy with friends.

Ola Party
igo team

110 MB

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