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Description of KineMaster

Download now latest KineMaster apk for your smartphone.

KineMaster is a fully-featured and specialized video editing app that comes with exhilarating features and multiple tools for detailed trimming and cutting of audio, text, images, video, and effects. It is supported by iOS and Android devices.

It helps the editor in creating engaging and professional-level videos by letting them have utmost control over their videos. It's user-friendly editing tools can alter video effects and transition with quality and precision. 

Many amazing features make KineMaster superior to other apps of similar platform,

Multi-Layered Videos

You can add and combine multiple layers of videos, audios, texts, images, handwriting, and more using KineMaster application. It makes controlling the transitions easier and achieve the effect you want fully. 

Flexible Adjustment Tools

You can correct and enhance your videos and images by adjusting their saturation, hue, brightness, colors, and other similar settings and create a consistent environment in their videos.

Real-Time Recording and Editing

This is one of the best features that KineMaster app offers. You can record audio or video in real-time and immediately add effects or modify the video without needing the recording process to be completed. 

Social Media Sharing

If you want to promote your handy-work, this feature is exactly what you need. You can share your edited videos instantly on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and more. It allows the publishers, advertisers, influencers, professionals, and other people wanting to show off their creation to reach their audiences swiftly.

Blending Modes

KineMaster offers you eight different blending options that allow videos and images to be overlapped and generate magical, artistic effects.

Reverse Time

You can turn time around with this tool so that shifting focal, in-camera transitions, and other video edits become easier. 

Chroma Key

Chroma key allows you to composite multiple videos, including an alpha mask preview and fine-tuning of the mask edges. 

High Resolution

You can use your high-end camera to its full potential by editing and exporting 4K 2160p video projects at up to 60 FPS.

Mobile Video Editor

While other video editing applications are limited to laptop and desktop computers, KineMaster app is created for mobile devices that make editing less hassle.

New Feature updates

This Android video editor updates its features frequently. Some of the new features that were recently added are - 

  • Adjustment tools: temperature, highlights, shadows, gain, gamma, and lift, etc. 
  • Intensity slider for color filters. 
  • Slow down videos up to 1/8 speed. 

KineMaster app offers you limitless possibilities to make your videos more engaging and fun, taking them to a whole new dimension. 

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KineMaster Corporation

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