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Description of PayPal

PayPal application is an e-commerce platform for Android devices that lets users regulate their accounts, send and receive money, add assets, and so on. It was principally designed as an inclusive solution to serve the needs of businesses and customers.

It offers bank-level technology to guarantee safe dealings between customers and sellers using different types of credit and debit cards that PayPal supports.

Types of accounts

There are three kinds of accounts in the PayPal app,

  • Personal: only for sending and receiving cash.
  • Business: keep track of a user’s business account and to share invoices.
  • Mobile Point of Sale: for accepting credit cards and using a touchless mode of payments using a phone or tablet.


PayPal has some unique features that cannot be found in other e-commerce platforms, making it more convenient for users. Some of the key features are,

  • Simple and easy UI

It has a very interactive and simple user interface. The simple interface makes it easy to use for even new users.

  • Instant Transfer

PayPal application lets you transfer money instantly to Visa or MasterCard. For this service, it charges only a trifling sum.

  • Group Transaction

To make group transactions easier PayPal offers Money Pools. It creates a custom page that lets family, friends, or co-workers contribute to gifts, events, or other purposes.

  • Mobile Payment

This online payment system lets you accept all types of payments on your smartphone or tablet including debit & credit card payments and other contactless payments like Apple Pay.

  • Manage Funds

PayPal not only helps you make transactions but also tracks and manages every transaction you made. So, you can manage your money easily and even create saving goals.

  • Send Invoice

The latest PayPal app offers a built-in feature to create and send an invoice, especially for business owners. They can add contact information, logo, and other custom fields to the invoice template.

  • QR Code

To make transactions safer and easier PayPal provides QR code for each account that can be shared to receive money. By scanning the QR code, the senders can directly transfer money to the recipient.

  • Multiple Emails with A Single Account

Users can link up to 8 email addresses with a single account. This feature not only makes the transactions more flexible but also makes it difficult for cybercriminals to attack an account.

  • Multiple Currency

It also provides transactions between two parties located in different countries. To make things easier for them PayPal has multiple currency options.

  • Multiple Languages

PayPal supports 27 languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc.

  • PayPal Me

PayPal Me feature was mainly introduced for business owners and professionals to receive money from the customers.

  • Cloud Integration

To ensure safe and secure transactions quickly PayPal provides cloud integration. It confirms that the users receive an array of functionalities through a single app.

  • Other Functions

There are many other functions of this application, such as PayPal

  • Supports Micro-investing powered by Acorns.
  • Lets you manage your business smoothly by reviewing account activity, issuing refunds, and creating & sending invoices.
  • Provides Fraud Protection and Buyer Protection features.
  • Let’s you donate to support causes you care around the world.
  • Has the ‘Bill Me Later’ option
  • Works as a credit card reader
  • Offers PCI compliance
  • Provides shopping cart
  • Works as a Virtual Terminal
PayPal Mobile

189 MB

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