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Description of PixelLab

PixelLab application is a great Android tool for text editing online. You can add different styles of text to any of your photos through this. With this PixelLab app, you can add also stylish texts, 3D text, various shapes, stickers, drawings to your pictures, and present your pictures in a more attractive way.

Features of PixelLab

Below are some of the great features of PixelLab that will definitely inspire you to use it,

  • With the latest PixelLab app, you can add and customize any text object you want.
  • This will allow you to create text. You can use these to make beautiful posters or billboards.
  • This app has all the great effects for use in-text including Shadow, inner shadow, emboss, reflection, 3D, etc. With these, you can make the text much more attractive.
  • Here you will find more than 100 beautiful text fonts. If you want, you can use your own font.
  • Add any color or linear-gradient, radial-gradient, or image texture to your text from the fill option.
  • There are many stickers, emojis, shapes. You can use them according to your needs.
  • You can also import any of your images from the gallery if you want. You can compose by combining two images.
  • With the help of this PixelLab application, you can draw anything. You can resize them, rotate them, or add shadows to them.
  • You can change the background as you wish with color or gradient. You can also delete the background. This app can easily make simple white, green, or blue color transparent.
  • Change the look of your photo using different effects like vintage, Stripes, hui, Saturation.
  • With this latest PixelLab app, you can edit the perspective of any image and use it in your desired project.
  • You can save any project and work on it offline.
  • You can export your images.
  • Here you will find preset memes with which you can make funny memes and share them with your friends.
  • You can find many beautiful and valuable quotations and add them through this app.

PixelLab app is rich in all great features and is free for everyone. And it's a very reliable and secure app. You can easily download it from our site to your Android mobile. Use the app and surprise everyone with your creativity.

It is a great platform to present your artistry.

App Holdings

36.12 MB

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