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Description of RAID

RAID is a great Android game that lets you battle hundreds of champions from 13 teams in a spectacular realistic fantasy RPG.

In this RAID game, you have to recruit its most legendary warrior from the forces of light and darkness to save the world of telaria. You need to train them so they can fight together, spread out on live weapons and bring together the best riding party of all time.

Features of RAID

Below are some of the great features of RAID,

  • In this game you can collect hundreds of fighters from 13 teams. To defeat your enemies, you need to bring together balanced teams of magicians, skinwalkers, undead, knights, elves and many more and then recruit them.
  • You can win dozens of challenging bosses for loot, XP and special champion drops and then beat them again for more powerful gear.
  • By competing with other players, you will be able to unlock special gear and rise in the rankings in intense regional battles.
  • Here you will find beautiful, fully presented 3D heroines who will give stunning details on the cracks in their armor. You will be able to see their battles through unique environments with thousands of unique skills and attack animations.
  • By upgrading your own castle, you will be able to manage your shards, train your champions and fight their arena, prepare for dark runs and storytelling.
  • You will be able to make tough decisions and equip your champions with powerful patterns to help them find them. You can rank them for destructive special skills, AOE attacks, healing abilities and much more while leading the battle.
  • In this RAID game, you will experience the fantasy of epic darkness completed through 12 sights spread over a wide, full-fledged storytelling campaign.
  • HASSLE-FREE autoplay layers are here for you to spend less time exploring and more time exploring the teller.

If you want to play this game, you can download RAID APK game from here to your Android phone.

Plarium Global Ltd

160 MB

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