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Description of Rewire

Rewire app is one of the best financial services all over the world. Opening Rewire account is quick, easy, and free. Anybody can open it without taking help from others.

When we think about money transfer online considering safety, security, and simplicity.  Rewire application is the best for considering its services. Rewire is a dedicated financial service designing for specially those who living and travel long-term in different countries all over the globe.

It does not restrict itself providing general money transfer services like other financial services.

The latest Rewire app is sending money to several countries i.e. Nepal, China, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines. Those who have an account of EU bank in Europe, they can easily send money to family, friends, and colleagues.

Active customer support is available on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Email questions and Comments and Complaints are answered professionally and promptly as its FAQ section is automated.

Several options of money transfer through Rewire

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card transfer
  • Debit Card transfer
  • Immediate Bank Transfer
  • Salary Deposits to Rewire via IBAN

The reason why Rewire app is the best?

  1. Keep Protecting your data and information safe as it does not leak
  2. Instant Notification after transaction keep you update
  3. Low fees, flat fee 1%
  4. Quick load up
  5. Powerful Mobile App
  6. Rapid transfer
  7. User friendly
  8. Discount transfer for first time
  9. Strong financial service license provided by EU
  10. Local Online transfer is free

Is Rewire app safe and reliable?

It is safe and reliable undoubtedly. This is because Rewire collected authorization certificates by the EU. It also took all the necessary papers. The company preserves 5 years of personal data. The online Rewire card is also 100% safe to use as almost all Master Card is protected against third-party interception of personal information with SSL encryption and zero liability protection for users.

Above all, Rewire application is the quickest and accurate in terms of the financial transaction. So, people entrust and rely on it. Rewire is online and App based, so, anybody can do transactions anywhere and anytime.

Rewire Ltd.

137 MB

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