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Scary Teacher

Z & K Games

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Description of Scary Teacher

Scary Teacher game is an amazing video game for Android mobile phone users all over the world. Game lovers and fans like the game very much for its entertaining features. The wonderful matter is that the game is completely free for smartphone users.

The story is centered around a genius girl and her worst high-school teacher. The teacher threatens kids, gives physical punishment, and tortures kids. Scary Teacher is commonly known as Miss T. The evil teacher makes everything impossible and fearsome for the students.

Ideal revenge mission: The evil teacher is scared by performing different activities such as releasing pets in custody. The mission is to complete within the allocated time without getting caught.

The Scary Teacher game is very popular all over the world.

Scary Teacher is 100% safe and secure for android devices as it does not carry any malware or virus that affects your mobile. Moreover, this game followed all legal procedures, rules, and regulations to publish it. So, without hassle, you can play the game for your entertainment.

Useful Features and Features:

  • 3D adventure game and horror for the kids family
  • The House consist of 15 rooms and every room has some mysteries
  • Only 12+ are allowed to play the game
  • Playing only online. There is no option to play offline as it is a 3D game
  • Very well graphic, animation and effect
  • Getting thrilled and horror in every level of the game
  • The teacher teaches the lesson and performs various activities with scary
  • Easy for kids to play and control the game

In a nutshell, Scary Teacher game is a very excellent game for the kids. So, they can enjoy the game.

Scary Teacher
Z & K Games

1.28 GB

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