Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2


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Description of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an excellent role-playing fighting game. This game was developed by Nekki. If you like games of this genre, you can easily download and play them on Android.


Shadow, the main character in this story, is a legendary warrior. He travels to different places in search of a worthy opponent.

He accidentally opens Shadow’s gate and frees Demand. As a result, he himself became a shadow. The main purpose of Shadow in this Shadow Fight 2 game is to defeat the demons and bring them back to their place and get his own body back.

How to Play:

Here the warriors are given various armor, weapons, special magical powers to fight the demons. You will get some RPG elements with which you can upgrade them.

Here at each stage you have to face different bosses and lose them before the energy runs out. You can regain energy by waiting for some time, watching advertisements or paying money. After completing each level you will earn gold and you will be able to buy new weapons with them.

This Shadow Fight 2 game has a maximum of 52 levels. And to win, the player has to win at least three matches. The player is given a blue seal only if he can defeat the main demon. After earning all the blue seals, the player can take Demander to their place and close the gate of shadows.

Downside of this Shadow Fight 2 game:

Everything good has a downside. The same goes for Shadow Fight 2. There is some violence or activities that are not suitable for more injured children. Which can have a bad effect on their minds. So parents should not allow anyone under 12 to play this game.

Another thing is that this game is not easy to win. Each level game has to be played with a lot of skill. So it is difficult to win if you are not a skilled person.

You will get amazing gaming experience in this game which is rich in great graphics and screenplay. All of its great character & stories will overwhelm you with its awesomeness. What's even better is that you can still enjoy the game to the fullest while you're offline.

This awesome exciting Shadow Fight 2 game has made it to the list of favorites for many. You too can get lost in this shady kingdom if you want.

Shadow Fight 2

169 MB

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