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Description of SoloLearn

SoloLearn application is a great platform for programmers. Here you will find lots of free courses through which you can learn to code. You can learn Python, C ++, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, machine learning, data science and more.

How to use SoloLearn

First of all, you need to install SoloLearn APK on your mobile. Then you have to sign up in the app. At this time, you need to activate an email address with tapping of activation from there. Now you can choose the course of your choice.

For web development you can start with HTML then move on to CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, SQL. For general application programs you can choose from Python, C ++, Ruby, Java, C #, Swift.

Features of SoloLearn

Some of the great features of the app are highlighted below,

  • In this SoloLearn app, you will find all the new lessons that will greatly improve your coding skills.
  • You can become an influencer in your community by creating lessons on that subject as an expert in programming.
  • There are lots of questions, there are quizzes, there are try it options that you can use to practice and increase your skills.
  • With the free real code editor, you can create a code and run it, and then you can share that real coding with others directly from your mobile.
  • Here you will get 24 hours community support and real time alerts which will make your learning process much easier and more enjoyable.
  • You can get many more benefits with SoloLearn Pro. You can set your daily goals so that you can learn very easily, you will get a daily report based on how much time you have learned, how you have practiced etc. You can find out who else in your area is using this app, who is viewing your profile, and one of the same aspects is that you don't have to tolerate ads.

If you want to learn coding, then SoloLearn application is a great platform. Here you can improve coding skills, get acquainted with all the new coding trends, learn in a more interactive way by competing with others.

The lessons have been prepared in such a way that everyone can understand. By communicating directly with others in the community, you can interact with them on any topic or assignment from your mobile.

SoloLearn app is a suitable platform for any beginner or professional level coding learner. You will also be given a certificate after successfully completing the course.


47.38 MB

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