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Description of Sssnaker

Sssnaker APK is a super exciting and addictive game now.

In this game, you must focus on some key roles such as slithering back, avoiding enemy bullets, and trying your hardest to grow bigger and increase your power to defeat all enemies. Remember your body is a deadly weapon here to fight against enemies.

Aside from that, you can modify your body to do more damage in battle.

In the latest Sssnaker game users will experience a next-level responsive shooting experience.

Because in this game every part of your character's body will become an active canon, which will automatically fire at the enemy to blow them up. Consequently, you will have sensational fun with the silky-smooth snake slithering with unique area attacks.

However, this Sssnaker game's graphics are adorable and attractive.

It will take back to your childhood memories when you first encountered a Nokia cell phone snake game, but this time in a more advanced and deadly way. It will let you become a superpower snake and set forth to conquer a mysterious world in the game.

Features Of Sssnaker

To defeat your enemy kingdom, you will be able to unlock various kinds of weapons with special features such as fire bullets, ice bullets, or circular explosions. However, this game is simple but much more interesting compared to other snake games.

Have a look at its features below.

  • It has a simple control with arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • You won’t face any time limit while playing the game, you can play as long as possible for you to play.
  • Get a user-friendly interface and play the game comfortably.
  • You can customize the game difficulty level.
  • Save the highest score to compete with other players.
  • Every time you eat bait you will get a high score and it will make it more challenging and harder for you.
  • It has a simple sound effect such as beep and others.
  • Get adorable graphics with bright and clear colors.

How To Play Sssnaker Game On A Regular Device

If you want to know how to play this Snake x bullet hell rogue-lite shooting game on your device, then follow the methods below to gain an idea.

Method 1: Download Sssnaker APK and install it on your device.

Method 2: After installing, open the game on your device.

Method 3: Choose a character.

Method 4:  Now Start playing.

Method 5:  While playing the game, make sure your snake character avoids hitting the head of the monster.

Method 6: Navigate the snake in such a way that the body will be closer to a monster in battle, but the head will move away.

Method 7: To enhance the attack, keep picking up pop-up shooters.

Method 8: Add new equipment and boosters for a better attack.


Sssnaker APK is a simple game. Its simple UI and challenging battleground make it addictive for this game. Along with that, you will get some unique simple features to enhance your gaming experience. So, download the game now to dive into the mysterious dungeon-depth world.


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