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Stick War

Max Games Studios

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Description of Stick War

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy game in real time where you have to lead a stick-figure army in thrilling battles against all kinds of enemies.

In this Stick War game, you can build units, mine gold, swords, spears, archers, pimps and even learn the ways of monsters. You have to capture all the territories by destroying the enemy idols.

Features of Stick War

Below are some of the great features of Stick War game that will definitely enable you to play the game.

  • Here you will find Mission Mode: Every Friday a new level is released. It will not be easy to place orders.
  • In this game you have Saga style maps with multiple prizes.
  • You can unlock crowns for all difficulty levels including Normal, Hard, and Insane.
  • Lots of new games await here, including Sunset Before Sunset, Triple Barricade Gold, Deathmatch, Forward Statue, Vs Mini Boss and many more.
  • The arrows you will find stationary in all units here, as well as the new advanced blood effects and damage animation it takes.
  • This Stick War game has advanced unit formation and arcade bow targets.
  • Here are the classic campaigns. Now the Order Empire is born with 6 bonus levels.
  • This game has Endless Deads zombie survival mode for you.
  • Here you will find the mode of the tournament. By fighting your way through several dozen eye challengers, you will be able to win the "Crown of Inamorta".
  • Now here you will find skins for all the characters. You can unlock powerful weapons and armor, each of which has its own unique advantage.

You must like this exciting Stick War: Legacy game. If you want to play this game, you can download Stick War APK to your Android smartphone from here.

Stick War
Max Games Studios

104 MB

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