Stripe, Inc.

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Description of Stripe

Run your business through the Stripe app. Its software accepts payment and manages business online. Stripe combines payment platform with applications that put revenue data at the heart of the business operation.

It is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Stripe serves every size of business from small new startups to large companies. Its service covers mainly Payment, Billing (Online Business), Connect, Sigma, Atlas, Radar (fraud prevention), and Terminal (Point of Sales Service).

Special features of the Stripe application,

  • Best secured APP as Stripe was Audited by PCI certified Auditor and certified service provider level-1.
  • Historical Data can be seen anytime i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.
  • Looking after earnings, customers, payments, balance, and Payouts
  • Sending and Updating and customization notifications any time.  
  • Website and Stripe Android app both have efficient and speedy service.

As a financial service and payment processor company Stripe was established in 2010 by Irish two brothers Patrick Collison and John Collison. Now, it has Dual Headquarters which are located in San Francisco, California, USA, and Ireland, Dublin.

Stripe offers Services,

  1. Payment Processing: It provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into websites and mobile applications. In April 2018, the company released anti-fraud tools branded Radar that block the fraudulent transaction. In the same year, Stripe expanded its service to include a billing product for online businesses allowing the business to manage subscription recurring revenue and invoicing.
  2. Corporate Finance: In February 2016, the company launched Atlas Platform to help startups register as USA Corporation. In July 2018, Stripe began a platform for the company to issue Visa and Master Credit Cards.
  3. Other: It has a publishing company named Stripe Press to promote ideas that support innovative Business. In 2019, Company started to issue loans and credit card to Business for the USA.

Mid-2020 is the opportune year for Stripe, this year Company expands it business to 5 New markets in Europe i.e. Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Malta. End of this year it also expands the business to Africa and Asia. Stripe acquired Paystack Nigerian payment processor.

Stipe started to develop the business field in China, India and Japan. Above all, Stripe app is experienced and efficient to handle its jobs. So, considering the different services it is the leader of their market.

Stripe, Inc.

37.53 MB

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