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Tie Dye
Crazy Labs by TabTale

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Description of Tie Dye

Download Tie Dye apk game and enjoy your time.

Tie Dye is an online kids game, the game can be played for free in many device-like like smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system.

In this fun game you have to make and sell clothes. Here you will find three buckets filled with pigment. You have to color the clothes exactly as shown in the picture. After coloring the dress, now they are ready to sell. There are three customers with different price. You need to choose the best buyer.

Five stage of Tie Dye:

There are five steps to this game. First step is to wrap the outfit and prepare it for coloring. Stage two is simply tapping the screen to secure the outfit. Step three is the most important. In this step you need to dye the clothes in a way that satisfies the buyer. You need to color the clothes according to the needs of the buyers.

Stage four has you dipping the colored shirt in and out of the water. You will be able to see the final output by tapping on the screen. The customer can make any change as per his demand. Their demand must be given the highest priority. In the final stage, the design of the clots has to be finalized.

This is how the game is played step by step.

  • You can upgrade your beach shop and Spend money for buying props and adding to the decor.
  • You can increase your money by watching ads. Watch an ad to collect tips.

The game is great for showing off your creativity, even though more and more ads are annoying. Overall the game is very enjoyable.

Tie Dye
Crazy Labs by TabTale

161 MB

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