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Description of Trivia Crack

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Trivia Crack is a free mobile app that allows users to challenge friends and people across the globe. It is developed and published by Etermax for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


The game's questions are ascertained on 6 knowledge categories: Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science, and Geography. Each of these categories is represented by a cartoonish iconic character - Tito for Geography, Al for Science, Hector for History, Bonzo for Sports, Tina for Art, and Pop for Entertainment. The game's main goal is to obtain all the six characters to win. In the Classic and Challenge modes, the time limit to answer the given question is 20 seconds, while in Trivia Rush it is only 10 seconds.

The players can start a new game as long as they have a "life" in the game. They can either choose to play against any of their Facebook friends or against any random opponent. It is also possible to find a friend to challenge in the game by searching for his/her user ID using the search function.

Trivia Crack game starts with 6 empty slots for each character and an empty 3-slot "Crown Gauge". The players need to occupy the "Crown Gauge" by spinning a wheel and answering the given question. After the empty Crown Gauge slots are filled players can start obtaining characters. One can repeat this as long as he answers correctly or acquire all 6 characters and wins the game. If the player gives one wrong answer the turn to spin the wheel along with the control of the game is passed to their opponent.

Each game has a maximum of 25 rounds. If no one wins before reaching round 25, the one with more characters will be the winner. In the case of a tie, the game will be won through a challenge. If there is a tie even in the final challenge, the winner will be the player that started it.

The Spinning Wheel

The wheel comprises of 7 slots: 6 slots for the knowledge categories and a 7th special "crown" slot. After spinning the wheel, the player is presented with a question based on the category the wheel lands on. If the wheel lands on the Crown slot the player can choose between a challenge or answer a question of the topic of choice and if the answer is correct, he gets the character. If the player chooses the "challenge" method, he will get a chance to steal a character from his opponent. But to challenge the opponent the player must bet one of his own characters.


To compete in a challenge both players need to have at least one character. The challenger gets to choose one of his/her own character to bet, and one from the opponent’s list to compete for it. Both players will get the same six questions, one from each category. Whoever answers the most questions correctly will be the winner of the challenge.

If the challenger wins, he will get the chosen character from the opponent, and if the defender wins, he will secure his character and the challenger loses the character he bet. In the case of a tie, the opponent will receive a bonus question from a random category to decide if he wins or loses the challenge.

Features of Trivia Crack

  • Some of the key features of the game are mentioned below -
  • The Question Factory contains hundreds of thousands of exciting questions.
  • It allows the players to create their own questions in the Factory.
  • Supports over 20 game languages.
  • Permits players to chat with their opponents.
  • Collectible card collection.
  • Offers in-game purchases for game upgrades.
  • Second Chance power-up that allows players to attempt to answer a question twice.
  • A power-up named Bomb eliminates two incorrect answers for any given question increasing the chance at winning.
  • The paid version of the app eliminates all the ads making the game more enjoyable.
Trivia Crack

144 MB

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