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Description of U-Dictionary

Language learners and travelers get wow using the U-Dictionary app.

Now, in 150 countries 100 Million people use U-Dictionary application on their devices. It is the official Oxford Dictionary in 12 languages. An offline sentence can translate into 58 languages. This dictionary not only provides vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms but also present relevant videos, games, and quizzes to improve your English.

It is quite simple to use. So, effortlessly anybody can translate text pictures and conversation into 108 languages. U-Dictionary app also fulfills all your translation needs covering studying, working and traveling abroad, etc.

U-Dictionary achieved an acclaimed in 2018 from Google Play Store which is the best apps and games of the year in different categories.

  • Most entertaining apps
  • Best hidden games
  • Best competitive Games
  • Best self-improvement games

It has been rated over 10 countries as number 1 in the education category. So, it remains in the fan-favorite category. The interesting matter is it's free and anybody can install it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why U-Dictionary is unique?

Quick Translate, copy to translate, lock screen vocabulary, word games and offline accessibility are some features that renders this app stand out.

  • Copy to translation: U-Dictionary’s copy to translate feature allows you to copy words as you browse or chat. If you are reading any content and it is required to translate quickly, you just copy the specific word, and the app icon will appear as you hit the icon and get the meaning of the word.
  • Quick translate: To know the word meaning, it is quick enough translating within one second without opening the app.
  • Camera Translation: This feature only for 12 languages. U-Dictionary app lets you get the translation of text right from the camera app. Surfacing the text meaning on the smartphone screen.
  • Word games: This dictionary makes learning interesting and fun. It comes with finding synonyms and spelling checks.  
  • Lock screen Vocabulary: Every day you can learn new word definitions to improve your vocabulary skill with the U-Dictionary. When any device on and off appearing and showing a new word right on the lock screen.  
  • Supports 108 languages: You can use the text translator of the app to have the facilities of regional and global languages. Indian 43 regional languages can be viewed in U-Dictionary.  
  • Offline translation: It can be done only for 58 languages. This app has inbuilt Colling CORBULID advanced dictionary and Wordnet Dictionary. You need to download the necessary language pack of offline dictionaries to get the functionality of U-dictionary.
  • Magic translation: Translate in WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to track what’s happening on celebrities.

Above all, U-dictionary application has amazing features to surprise the users. It is unexplainable without using really.

Talent Education Inc

46.83 MB

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