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Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

Sir Studios

169 MB


Description of Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

You will find amazing velocity and fun with this Ultimate Car Driving Simulator game.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator integrates reality and fun with driving physics to produce the best car driving simulator on android devices with its developed car driving physics engine. The attractive features of the game,

  • Easy and Smooth controls
  • Several camera angles
  • Reality base speed and strong brake pedals
  • Game can play offline
  • Fantastic 3D Graphic
  • Huge fun
  • Highest quality and attractive  city environment
  • Exciting race tracks

You can find the full city open and beautiful to drive. It helps to enjoy with the sports car. Realistic sports car physics and realistic city appearance make the game real than any other sports car game simulator.  This Ultimate Car Driving Simulator game has a variety of cars to choose i.e old sports car, modified high-speed aerodynamic sports auto, Dodge, cl250 Benz, Lancer, F60, i8, Golf GT, Aventador Coupe, and cops car equipped with a powerful engine.

It generates a realistic sound when you press the gas paddle.

You can customize your cars by tuning gear car brake, turbo engine NOS boost, stickers, lights, and so on. Taking the challenge to get over the impossible track by showing the skill of race as like Hollywood stars’ stunt. When accelerating the race you can identify the racing speed and drifting speed and ramp performance.

In this Ultimate Car Driving Simulator racing game, the Best speed maker becomes the most wanted. The game is above all full of excitement, fun, and challenge. So, download Ultimate Car Driving Simulator APK and enjoy it.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator
Sir Studios

169 MB

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