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Vanced Tube

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Description of Vanced Tube

Vanced Tube APK is a great platform to watch and download videos seamlessly. With it, you can easily download your favorite YouTube video. It’s a magnificent alternative application to YouTube, which you can use completely free on your smart device.

In the latest Vanced Tube app, you can enjoy the same interface as the official YouTube.

Thereby, you will not feel any difficulty while using the app. Aside from that, you can watch all the videos in higher resolution here. Plus, you can bookmark your favorite channel, so next time you can easily find it while opening the app.

In addition, share videos on various social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Likewise, search for any genre of track that you want to listen to and keep up to date with the latest blockbuster top hits. Moreover, Vanced Tube latest version doesn’t store any user data, so you can securely use the app without feeling any privacy threat.

Features Of Vanced Tube Application

It offers numerous features very similar to the official YouTube app.

However, in a few cases, it surpasses the official app as well. For instance, in this application, while watching any video you will not experience any irritating ads. Plus, it will let you play videos on a floating pop-up window smoothly. Just like that, it will let you enjoy plenty of features effortlessly.

Check out its dazzling features below.

  • Browse top hits.
  • Seach tracks you want.
  • Play your favorite songs.
  • Watchlist all by your side.
  • Build a music collection.
  • Stream and watch all online videos.
  • Select new or old window style.
  • Ads-blocking.
  • Get various color themes.
  • Enjoy floating pop-up play mode.
  • Better resolution settings.
  • Restricted mode.
  • Pinch and zoom.

How To Use Vanced Tube On Android

To use the app on your smart device effectively, follow the instructions below.

  1. To watch your favorite video content without irritating ads, download Vanced Tube APK and install it on your smartphone.
  2. After finalizing the installation process, open the app on your smartphone.
  3. Afterwards, go to the search bar option.
  4. Then, simply type your favorite video content name or subject based on your preference.
  5. Once you type your content name or subject, simply tap on enter to generate the result.
  6. Lastly, to watch the video offline, scroll down a bit and tap on the download option. Done.

Is Vanced Tube Safe

Yes, it’s a completely safe application for your smart device. It doesn’t store sensitive data and doesn’t share anything with third parties. Plus, it doesn’t contain any malware or viruses. Consequently, you can securely use the app on your device to watch your favorite videos.


Vanced Tube APK is a mind-blowing application to watch and download YouTube videos. It’s a perfect replica of the official YouTube application, where you can navigate the app far better compared to the official one.  Plus, it’s completely free, which doesn’t require any special fee for its amazing features.

Without any irritating ads, you can watch any video content in higher resolution effortlessly.

Vanced Tube

16.4 MB

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