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War Dragons

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Description of War Dragons

War Dragons is a great 3D real-time strategy game that lets you control the ultimate dragon army. You can help your teammates get started by joining a guild.

Features of War Dragons

Below are some of the great features of the War Dragons game. Its interesting features will definitely inspire you to play this game.

  • In this War Dragons game, you will find multiple unique dragons that contain different attack styles, spelling abilities and classes. By breeding your dragons, you can build a more powerful army.
  • By starting or joining a guild you can combine forces with other dragon lords. With true synchronous multiplayer, you'll be able to chat with teammates in real time and coordinate attack and defense tactics against other guilds.
  • By strategizing and building your island fortress with the best combination of lightning, ballistic and archer towers you will be able to best protect your base from enemy attack.
  • In this game you can take part in various weekly events for you and your guild to win prizes like rare dragon eggs and treasure hunts. By climbing on the leaderboards, you can establish yourself as one of the top dragon lords in the world.
  • The War Dragons Android game is built on the Mantis engine which is a proprietary 3D game engine that features sophisticated graphics and cinematics. There are very few games that have the ability to visually explore all aspects of the stunning world.

If you want to play this great game, you can download War Dragons APK from here to your mobile.

War Dragons
Pocket Gems

115 MB

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