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Description of Weather

Weather application is an excellent tool through which you can easily know the atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, distance of visibility, relative humidity, rainfall in different unions, dew point, wind speed and direction etc.

This Weather app will give you information about temperature, wind, sunshine, humidity, dew point, rainfall, visibility, atmospheric pressure, water, sunrise, sunset, storms, hurricanes etc. You can be prepared for that weather by knowing what the weather will be like today.

Also get weather forecasts for the next ten hours and hours in this app and you will be ready as well.

Features of Weather

Below are some great aspects of the Weather app,

  • In this app you will get 7 days information, now weather, hour by hour weather, today's weather, tomorrow's weather etc. which will be very helpful for you.
  • View animated weather conditions with live background images.
  • Here are the hourly and weekly forecasts for you, especially for the next 7 days you get the hourly weather item.
  • This app will give you global weather forecasts so you can stay informed about the weather around the world.
  • You will receive local weather alerts 3 times a day from here.
  • The application can detect the location of the network, so even if you do not have GPS, you will not have much of a problem.
  • Weather application has Storm Radar, Storm Tracker, Tornado Warning and Rain Alarm - Rain Radar so you can stay alert by getting storm / rain warnings and notifications.
  • You can show weather news every day by enabling options.
  • Easily know the information like Sunrise time, sunset time & water time etc. through this app.
  • You can convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Get wind speed and wind direction in different units through this app.
  • The latest Weather app will give you wind forecast by wind speed meter, wind finder
  • In this app you get 1 day, 7 days future prediction with accurate el tempo, plus tempo data for future hourly weather.
  • You will find the Weather Widget (Weather on the home screen) and the running notification with the forecast bar, multiple places in the widget.
  • Data is reloaded for notification even if the app is underground.
  • You will get temps, rain, clouds & clock widget weather, etc on the lock screen.
  • With this Weather Android application you can track the weather in multiple locations.
  • You can easily find out the possibility of rain, moon phrases, moon cycle etc. through this app.

In this app you will find the weather notification bar which keeps the weather running underground for Realtime. You can check the temperature in the Android system bar without opening the app. This app has great weather radar with animated maps for you.

We have to stay up to date every day on weather or related issues. In this case, Weather app is a useful app. You can download Weather APK and use the app on your mobile from below.

smart-pro android apps

14.54 MB

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