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Description of Whats Tracker

Whats Tracker application is from the Recreation subcategory, part of the Home & Hobby category. It is a convenient platform that allows users to check who visited their WhatsApp profile, location of their contacts, and many other things with just a few taps.

Features of Whats Tracker

  • Profile Visitors

This Tracker app tracks your WhatsApp contacts & shows you the list of people who viewed your WhatsApp profile and also displays the time of their visit. It helps you keep track of the people who see your display picture or reads your status.

  • Visited Profiles

This app not only shows you the list of your profile visitors but also the list of people whose profile you have visited.

  • Location Tracker

This feature of Whats Tracker application lets you track the location of all your WhatsApp contacts.

  • User-Friendly

It is very easy to install and use. Its user interface is very simple, clean, and easy to use. Even a new user would not face any issues in operating the app.

  • Whats Tracker Chat

This app allows you to chat with your friends who are in a location near you even without sharing contact numbers.

  • WhatsApp Contacts

Whats Tracker app also shows you all your WhatsApp Contacts.

  • No GPS

It does not require any GPS. It only shows the estimated locations of the contacts bearing in mind about their privacy.

  • Safe and Secure

This application is a very safe and secure platform. It does not disclose any of your personal information.

  • Manage and Block Calls

It also permits you to manage your contacts and even block any unwanted numbers.

  • Other Benefits
  1. Works smoothly without any lags or delays.
  2. Prevent kids and minors from getting cyber-bullied and other online dangers.
  3. Stop your staffs from leaking corporate data.
  4. Works well for diverse types of people.
  5. Track SMS and MMS
  6. Read your mails.
  7. Supervise your internet use.
  8. Block unfitting internet sites and online content.
  9. Access to address book and calendar.
  10.  Manage programs and apps.
  11.  View photos, videos, and other media files.
Whats Tracker

23.63 MB

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