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Description of Xposed Framework

Xposed framework is for customizing android device without changing into its ROM. It is only for rooted users. If you have a rooted android device you can use Xposed framework for customizing your phone. Any Kinds of features you can add or remove by Xposed module. There are 1342 modules for Xposed module.

What is the module?

Xposed modules are framework dependent apps. Those apps are only capable for working when the framework is running. 

Features of Xposed Framework apk

  • Lots of modules 
  • No Changes into Rom
  • Full free apps

How to download?

Xposed Framework is not available in the Google Play Store. For some reasons, the Play Store team removed this app from their store. But it's available on the AppsGag website. From here, you will able to get the latest version of this app. For download, go to above.

Before install

You have to do something before installing this app on your device.

  1. User needs to take a full backup of a device. If there any problem during installing time, the user may need a backup for restoring previous data.
  2. Select your desire installer version, which one is appropriate for your android version. You will find your android version in your system setting.
  3. Your Device needs to be rooted, Xposed modules are only for rooted devices.
  4. Now your preparation part is ready for starting the installation process.

How to install Xposed Framework

  1. After downloading your desire Xposed installer version APK file open it and tap for installing it
  2. After installing tap the open button
  3.  After running the installer you need to tap a framework for installing the Xposed framework.
  4.  In the app screen, you will find an install/Update option for installing the framework
  5. After selecting the install option, the framework will install automatically
  6.  After successfully installing it will be asking for a reboot and may asking for root access
  7.  Please grant root access and reboot your android.

How does the Xposed Framework?

This framework Create a virtual environment for runtime processing. When an app is running Xposed framework is calling some functions for the running apps. And we are getting our customized view and functions.


Xposed Framework is that framework what will give you technological freedom. Your device will be yours. All of controls and customization and modification is will be in your choice. This framework is the key to opening a lot of opportunity for customization.

If you are looking for custom ROM for your android device, it may wrong idea you can use Xposed module. The Xposed module will not modify your Stock ROM what change will be for Xposed framework and it is possible to restore to its old status. NO Brick no losing data in Xposed module.

Xposed Framework

2.96 MB

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