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Description of YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp APK is an adapted version of the original WhatsApp with some significant functional developments and enhancements. It allows you to exchange messages and make audio & video calls to connect and keep communication with friends all over the world.

The latest YoWhatsApp application is basically a modified version of the original WhatsApp platform, which is best for its performance and features. This communication app is suitable for those users who are interested in getting more features than the official application.

This version will provide you with all kinds of extra features so that you can enjoy everything with pleasure. Also, the YoWhatsApp app will add a lot of functionality to your chatting experience and make you fully satisfied with every commendable activity.

It provides 100% privacy and security for users.

So, now, you should download Yo WhatsApp app from below for free.

Features of YoWhatsApp

  • Chat with friends and make audio or video calls now easily
  • Easily block calls of any unwanted contact or unsaved number
  • Hide online status that gives more privacy when communicating
  • Send as well as receive photos or video files over 700 MB
  • Create amazing themes to easily transfer themes to another device
  • Set an image in the background that makes wallpapers more visual
  • Change the color of the group member's name which is appealing
  • Choose your favorite languages from hundreds of languages
  • Supports White Navigation for Android 8.0 that has more functionality
  • Use fingerprint, password, pins, pattern, etc. lock to hide chats
  • Take 100% control of your own privacy and security easily

How To Download YoWhatsApp Update Version

Since the YoWhatsApp for Android has not been officially released or published by WhatsApp Inc, you cannot download or install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This is why you have to download it from our website to use it on your Android smartphone.

YoWhatsApp download can be done from the above or below.

How To Update Yo WhatsApp Application

Each update introduces new features for users. If you update the YoWhatsApp app regularly, you can get rid of various types of problems and technical errors affecting your device. And at the same time, get new and latest features as well as functions that you will be able to enjoy very much.

You will find a smoother and faster interface after the update. For your further convenience, below are some simple and easy steps to understand the updating process. Before starting the update, first, make sure to back up the conversation. It will help you not to lose your old conversations.

  1. First, you need to go to the chat section top left side.
  2. Now, click on 3 dots and then click on setting.
  3. Tap the Chats and again go to the Chats.
  4. Click on the Chat Backup option.
  5. Find the Green Color Backup button to click on.
  6. Select your Gmail to back up in Google Drive.

Finally, the backup file has been saved on your Google Drive of your certain Gmail.

After completing the backup, now, below several steps help you to update the app appropriately,

  1. Download YoWhatsApp APK and open it now.
  2. Go to the Chat section and click the 3 dots menu from the Top Right Corner.
  3. A pop-up will appear here, and from there click on YoMods.
  4. Now, click on the other mod option and find some settings there.
  5. Find and access the update option and then click on check for updates.
  6. And update the application right now.

How To Download YoWhatsApp For PC

You can easily download YoWhatsApp for PC. This app is completely designed for Android users. But, in recent times, laptop or desktop users can download and install this application to use it. With this, for your convenience, some steps to follow are quoted below.

Let's identify how to download and install this messenger application.

Step 1: You have to download Yo WhatsApp Update version from here for free.

Step 2: Now, download BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Step 3: After completing the download, you need to install this software on your PC.

Step 4: Open it and click the install APK button from the right sidebar.

Step 5: Now, your PC is ready to install the YoWhatsApp Android application.

Step 6: Install it.

That’s it. Now you can use this communication platform on your computer easily.

Download YoWhatsApp iOS Version

Presently, Yo WhatsApp is only available for Android mobile phone and PC users.

To inform PC users it is necessary to mention that an Android emulator needs to be installed to run it. And now currently, it doesn't support iPhone or iPad running. Several websites share wrong information about the YoWhatsApp iOS version is still available.

Therefore, you don’t need to keep trust in such fake and unreal information.

Is YoWhatsApp Harmful

No, the latest YoWhatsApp app is not harmful as it does not carry any malware, threat, or virus that will affect a laptop, PC, and Android. You don’t feel worried about risky matters and complexities. Besides, this application is 100% legitimate as it followed all privacy and security rules, and regulations.

It is never engaging in any illegal activity that creates difficulty and hassle for the users. Updates on a regular basis help to get rid of unwanted bugs. In addition, you do not fall into a ban as it has the anti-ban option. It is considered a smooth, fresh, and quick application.

Overall, it will not spoil the Android device’s stability and speed.

So, install it and connect more people to maintain communication.


It is completely a modified third-party app with many new features. That's why the latest YoWhatsApp APK is a very useful application for Android and PC users to connect and communicate with people. Its amazing features and functions will make you forget the original one.

The amazing matter is that you don't have to spend a single penny from your pocket to download and install it. It is 100% free for users. It is known for its amazing features such as a user-friendly interface, various icons, themes, and background colors that enhance the user experience.

Yo WhatsApp app is considered to be flawless and convenient for virtual communication.

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