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Angry Birds Epic

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

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Description of Angry Birds Epic

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It is a great turn-based role-playing game. In this Angry Birds Epic game, you have to play as a character and deal with different types of enemies in different steps.

About this game

You will find up to three characters to choose from. They are mostly birds. Once you start the Angry Birds Epic game, your chosen characters and enemy characters will be visible in the landscape. Its combat system is very simple.

Simply attack by drawing a line between your character and the object and for this, you have to turn your character. During the battle, you will see an indicator resembling a chili paper called Rage Chili. It slowly fills up when a character is damaged.

It can be swiped to any player’s character to activate rage ability when it is full. Here you will find the 3 stars system. The more stars you get, the more crafting and / or brewing ingredients you can get through Wheel of Fortune.

After retrieving the anvil and the cauldron, you will be able to use your earned ingredients to craft weapons, hand items, and potions. In this Angry Birds Epic RPG game, you can create a weapon or off-hand item only when its blueprint is available.

Similarly, most potions can be made only if the recipe has already been purchased. When creating an item a dice will roll and determine how much damage, health or amount will be added to the item.

In this Angry Birds Epic game, you can get Snoutlings, Lucky Coins, Friendship Essence these 3 types of currencies in different ways, and by spending them you can make your character stronger.

You will find weapons like Critical Strike, Chain Attack, Dispel, Hocus Pokus, Bedtime, Vitality, Might, Vigor, Sweet, Perfect Balance for use on the battlefield. Each of them has different features so you can use them as per your need.

This Angry Birds Epic RPG game is an excellent RPG for all players. Its visuals and excellent gameplay will definitely attract you. You must enjoy this game.

Angry Birds Epic
Rovio Entertainment Corporation

165 MB

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