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Description of BitLife

BitLife application is a text-based life simulator game, developed by Candy writer LLC. With this game, players can live a simulated life from birth to death by using a list of commands. It’s a free app for all and fully enjoyable without any purchases.

Objective of this BitLife game is to essentially live a digital life from birth to death. Here everything is like real life. In this game player have to make decision and choice to keep their digital version happy and alive.

How to play:

Here users pick options from a series of menus, like buying a car getting a Job, etc. This BitLife game can be started from any country. First of all, the player has to select the mother and father, who will take care of them.

A character can be a baby from age 0-2, a small-short-haired child from age 3-7, an older child and teen with long hair from 8-20, an adult from 21-64, or an elder from age 65+. As an infant, there is no opportunity to communicate with the world.

The only option is to go to the doctor. As you grow older, options for communication with the world increase. For example, when they are a little older, they will be able to talk to their parents and be admitted to the school.

Then they will get the option to go to the gym, get the driving license of the car, etc. They're an interesting option to date also. For this first player have to select the sexual orientation. When a player spends time with their significant other can lead to a long-lasting relation.

They can have children, vacations, and memories. Spending time with a lovely imaginary life partner as both transition to players twilight years is simultaneously heartwarming.

One most important in BitLife is relationship. It ranges from parents to siblings, grandchildren, niece and nephews, exes, and love interests. Each character having a relationship with the main character will have their names displayed in list, with their role shown beside in parentheses.

The better contact player has with other relatives the better they got chance to them and getting help from them.

Like real life, there are good and bad; ups and downs. There can be many dangers like illness car accidents etc. Again, many happy events happen. Controlled living, Physical exercise good eating habits can go a long way in this BitLife game.

Care should be taken so the happiness bar does not become low. 

Is it suitable for kids?

This app is for the users of 17 years and older.  this is not suitable for kids and teenagers it looks like ESBR Adult only because this BitLife game features profanity violence sexual content drug and alcohol, gambling, etc. Which can have a detrimental effect on children?

iOS Vs Android version:

BitLife is Currently only available on IOS, The iOS version of Bitlife is the original version of the app. It has greater features than the android version. Developers are working to improve the Android version.

Who would not want to live in a virtual world like their own? For that this is an awesome app.

Candywriter, LLC

183 MB

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