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Description of Movie Hub

Movie Hub application is a great app for movie lovers. Although you can't stream or download movies with it, you can use this app to manage movies of any genre of your choice online. Using this Movie Hub app, you can track and explore your favorite movie, TV series, your favorite star from a large database.

Movie Hub Features

Below are some of the great features of Movie Hub,

  • Using this app, you can explore a lot of content in different categories.
  • You can browse the contents according to the catalog. You can open TV shows/movies on big platforms through this app.
  • Through this app, you will get information about all the famous people. You will get the opportunity to know them in detail.
  • With this Movie Hub app, you can put the content you want to see on the watch list. You can mark them after viewing them.
  • Here can make a list of your favorite movies/series/content. You can also create custom lists.
  • You can shorten the content list based on the title, release date of the content, etc.
  • In the calendar of apps, you will be able to know when a show is coming and when it will be aired.
  • With this app, you can follow your favorite star on social media.
  • You can rate the movie/series you watched through this app.
  • Here you can get high-resolution posters and trailers of any movie so you can easily get an idea about the content.
  • The runtime of any movie or series, original title, synopsis, budget, cast and crew, Production house, all this information is associated with the content.
  • You can join the TMDb discussion through this app. You can also provide content yourself.
  • You can share your content with friends.
  • In this Movie Hub application, you can keep a backup of your data so that you can track TV or import / export them as a file.

The interface of this Android Movie Hub app is very attractive. The movie hub will be Pearl White Shadow Dark and Black Night. You will find these three themes for use. And the icons are such that you can easily identify the movie/series by looking at them.

You can easily download and install it from here and enjoy your favorite movie / TV show. This is a very suitable app for those who watch movies regularly, like to watch movies of different genres.

Movie Hub
Movie Hub

5.59 MB

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