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Description of CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair app is basically an overseas financial service app. It is 8x cheaper than the bank. CurrencyFair is the secure and quick system of money transfer overseas. It has a better exchange rate without any hidden cost.

People want to get a secured and safe method of transferring money. CurrencyFair is one of them. So, anybody can keep faith in it without a bit of doubt for its customer reviews and customer service excellence.

CurrencyFair application was started its footstep in April 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. But its website and app were live in 2010 and 2015 respectively. Mainly, the founder was Brett Mayers, Jonathan Potter, Sean Barrett, and David Christian. Now, its operation is going on in Australia, UK, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, and Singapore though it was started in Ireland.

Recently, CurrencyFair has launched its operation in Asia. In 2014, it is the first platform in the world to cross the 1 billion landmarks of transaction.

Co-Founder Brett Mayers one day, in an interview with Irish News, said that CurrencyFair is a peer-to-peer currency transfer service that empowers people to send money from domestic bank account to their own and third party.

Every foreign account transfer is up to 90% cheaper than a bank or other broker.

Some advantages,

  • 150 countries are now open to transfer money.
  • less Technical glitches and hassle-free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Strong and secure APP
  • Better rates than competitors
  • 20 Currencies offered.
  • Providing rate alerts when a new rate coming

Who will get Benefit from CurrencyFair

  1. Expatiate and International Students
  2. Small Business initiators
  3. Property Owners

Why CurrencyFair is best for you?

  1. It is a cheap way to transfer money anywhere in the world
  2. The exchange rate is flexible
  3. Fast way to transfer money
  4. Offering Great Customer service
  5. The monitoring system is very easy
  6. Always transparent with their fees
  7. Flat fees 3 euros

Regulated by

  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)- license number 402709
  • The central bank of Ireland under the European Communities.

For CurrencyFair’s outstanding result, it has been awarded to different institutes.

  • In November 2013, IIa Dot IE Net Visionary awards for insightful and intriguing internet innovation.
  • In 2018, listed as the best 100 startup awards.

CurencyFair app is unparalleled Considering its age, experience, customer review and performance. Day by day its popularity and trustworthiness are increasing remarkably. Above all people trust it to do financial transactions.

So, download CurrencyFair APK for your phone now.


72.74 MB

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