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YouTube application is a video sharing platform that allows its users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. It is one of the most popular and largest videos sharing platforms.

Using this app, you can keep track of the latest hits in the world. From the most popular music videos to the trending topics of entertainment, news, gaming, and more – you can know everything here.

You can subscribe to your beloved channels, make your playlists, edit and upload videos, give comments or shares, and many other things.

The advantage of YouTube app over other platforms is the enticing features it offers. Some of them are –

  • Find Your Favorite Videos Faster – You don’t need to waste any more time in finding the videos you like. Browse your personal recommendation in the Home tab and find the latest updates of your favorite channels in the subscribe tab. If you want to re-watch any video just go to the account tab and lookup for the video. 
  • Edit and Upload Videos – You can share your thoughts by creating videos and uploading them on this platform. You can also edit other contents and upload them. Any users can upload videos of 15 minutes to 12 hours depending o their records. 
  • Connect and Share – You can easily interact with people by liking their contents and commenting on them. Share your creation with people and express your feelings better. 
  • Quality and Formats – YouTube videos are accessible in a variety of quality levels. It also supports videos with 4K and 8K resolution. 
  • 3D and 360-degree videos – Users can also upload 3D and 360-degree videos on latest YouTube app. Live streaming of 360-degree videos at up to 4K resolution is also supported.  
  • Captions – This video sharing app also has a feature to auto-generate English caption. The user can also upload captions of different languages along with the video. 
  • YouTube Studio Features – It also gives you a platform to improve yourself. The YouTube studio features is a place that helps you to monitor, optimize, and improve your channel. There are Channel Dashboards, Analytics, Comment Filters, and Many Other Tools for you to use and rally your channel.  
  • Share online – Want to share a video you like with your friends? For this YouTube has a built-in share function to share it on your social channel.  
  • Localization – The interface of YouTube is also presented with a localized version of 103 countries and a universal version. 

YouTube application is the best platform to discover and learn new things. You can gain vast information about anything you are interested from this app.

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