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Description of FaceApp

FaceApp application is a photo and video morphing tool for Android devices. This app can create very genuine alterations of human faces to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender, etc. in pictures by using neural networks based on art intelligence.

It is very easy to use and its user interface is also very simple. All you need to do is take a photo of yours and use different filters or features on them. FaceApp app will do the rest of the work by using its Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Age Filter: This filter in latest FaceApp can create an extremely realistic older version of your using AI technology. It is the foremost filter that helped the app recreate its popularity. Using this you can see how you will appear in the coming 10 years or how you would have appeared in your younger days.
  1. Smile Filter: Using this filter you can even customize your smile. There are two smile filters - smile and smile 2.
  1. Hairstyle Filter: You can try different hairstyles on your picture and make fun of yourself in an amusing way. You can also find out what style suits you the best.
  1. Gender Swap Filter: This is one of the most trending filters. As depicted from its name, this filter can change your gender in your pictures and make it look very realistic. You can have fun with your friends by sharing your gender-swapped pictures.
  1. Skin Tone Lightning Filter: FaceApp also provides you with an option to lighten your skin tone making you look fairer.

Remove Watermark

FaceApp automatically adds its watermark at the bottom of altered photos after making the edits. But it also allows you to remove the watermark to make it more real.


It gets annoying to be distracted by ads while using many apps. But this app lets you enjoy a completely commercial-free time.

Make GIFs and collages

You can also use the FaceApp application to make animated GIFs that switch between the filters and collages. You can also collage your pictures; GIF, using Duo you can make a two-up collage, and using Collage you can make a four-up collage.

Premium Version

There is another version of FaceApp apk called FaceApp PRO. Users need to pay for this version. This version offers various other option that is not available in the free version -

  1. Other than the basic filters this version offers many other filters.
  2. There is also a special Hot feature that literally just makes you look hot.
  3. You can also edit your background using this app.
  4. It also has a selfie cam feature that allows you to take as many selfies as you want and edit them afterward.

FaceApp app is very easy to use and does not have a complicated interface. Anyone can use this app smoothly. You don't need to waste hours to Photoshop your pictures any more. Using this photo editor app, you can edit your pictures within a few minutes with just a few taps.

FaceApp Inc

83.28 MB

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