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Description of Fitbit

Fitbit application is an excellent tool about health and fitness. This Fitbit app is very helpful to keep us healthy and fit.

To use the Fitbit app

You first need to download Fitbit APK to your mobile from here.

After opening the app, you will find these three tabs: Today, Discover and Community. In today's tab you can find out the details of how many steps you took today, how far you walked, how many calories you burned.

Below the daily stats you will find more stats like sleep, how many days you exercised this week, weight etc. In the Discover option you will find Challenge, Health and Wellness programs and all the premium programs like Fitbit Coach, Wellness Reports, and Mindfulness.

With Community Outreach, you can join different groups and interact with your bride and other members of the community.

Features of Fitbit

  • By pairing it with a Fitbit tracker or smart watch, you will be able to know your daily status so that you can be aware of how active you were during the day and how many calories you burned.
  • Here you will find many audio / video workout sessions like HIIT, cardio, strength, yoga which you can do from home.
  • With this Fitbit application, you can know how much sleep you get or how good your sleep is and you can improve your nightly routine by using various sleep tools like nightly Sleep Score, sleep goal setting, bedtime reminders and graphs.
  • There are many free audio tracks to reduce your traces and improve your mood. You can go to sleep listening to a relaxing sound or a beautiful story that will soothe your sleep.
  • With the help of this Fitbit app, you can keep track of what foods you get from what you eat every day. You can easily find out how much protein, carbohydrates, fats you get which will help you to reach the diet and nutrition goals.
  • You can get an idea about ​​your overall health by checking your heart rate with a watch or tracker and can find valuable data like resting heart rate trends, time spent in heart rate zones during workouts and a cardio fitness score.
  • Get encouragement and inspiration from other members of the community. You can take different tips from them. And through various challenges, you can try your best for your health and fitness.

This Fitbit application is very useful to lead a healthy lifestyle. We all need to be aware of health and fitness. By using this app, you can also build a beautiful routine life for yourself.

Fitbit, Inc.

139 MB

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