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Description of GFX Tool

Now you can download GFX Tool for your Android.

PlayerUnknown's BattleGround or in short PUBG is the most popular Battle Royale game in recent years that took up the world by a storm. PUBG mobile version was also introduced after the huge success of PUBG.

We know that every mobile has different specifications and is different from one another. The Battle Royale game uses a lot of RAM while playing and due to this some mobile, which is low on RAM lags during the gameplay. This is where the GFX tool comes.

GFX Tool app is a third-party tool that improves the gameplay and interference and enhances FPS of the game on any type of mobile. The main purpose of the GFX Tool is to reduce the lag while playing the game. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be easily installed from the Google Play Store & iOS App Store.

How it works?

GFX Tool is an application that helps users play the Battle Royale game smoothly on the phones, even with low RAM, without any lags, by customizing the game graphics. The working principle of it is very simple. It basically, modify the game’s configuration automatically on the user’s device specifications.

The GFX Tool improves the gameplay and interference of the user by unlocking full High Definition/ resolution graphics for PUBG Mobile. It also enhances the Frame per second (FPS) of the game played on any type of mobile up to 60 FPS and other graphics settings of the game.

How to use GFX Tool?

This application is very easy to operate. How to operate GFX Tool is briefly described below,

  • Any currently running game must be closed before starting GFX Tool.
  • Choose the version of your game according to your preference.
  • After choosing the game version you need to customize the graphics based on your device capabilities and your personal desire.
  • Once you select everything, click accept and start your game.

Key Features of GFX Tool

  • GFX Tool application changes the game resolution according to the phone's capabilities.
  • It provides the best FPS in low resolution.
  • It provides a smooth graphics configuration.
  • This application unlocks HDR graphics and all FPS levels.
  • The 60 FPS rate saves the mobile phone from overheating.
  • Fully control anti-aliasing via GFX Tool gives the best Frame per second (FPS).
  • It provides the best graphics support.
  • GFX Tool app enables its users to use many shadow selections types.
  • It supports all versions of games.
  • And many more.
GFX Tool

4.84 MB

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