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Description of Google Chrome

Now you can download Google Chrome apk from here.

This browser application is a free cross-platform web browser that is developed and released by Google. This app is available for mobile devices, PC and Mac. It brings its users personalized news articles, links to their favorite sites, pictures and videos, download options, search, etc.

There are many features in this Chrome application that are far superior to other web browsers. Some of the key features are given in below.

  • Fast Browsing – As you type search results instantly appear according to your preference depending on your previously visited web pages. It makes your search easier and takes less time. On the new tab page, Chrome selects articles based on your past browsing history, so you can quickly find the contents of your interest. It is also faster in loading web pages than most other web browsers. 
  • Synchronization – When you sign into Chrome it automatically syncs with all google services and accounts. It also syncs all your bookmarks, passwords, and other settings. This feature helps you to impeccably access all your information from any device you want.  
  • Tabbed Browsing – One of the most useful features of Google Chrome is that all links open new tabs instead of new windows. The tabs also process separately, if one website crashes or slows down it does not affect the rest. 
  • Incognito Browsing – This feature helps you to use incognito mode to surf the internet. So, you can browse privately across all your device without saving history. 
  • Tap to search – There is a feature called ‘tap to search’, using which you can tap on any word or phrase and start a Google search while being on the page you were enjoying. 
  • Voice Search – There is an actual web browser in Chrome that you can talk to. Using your voice, you can navigate faster than to anywhere and anytime 
  • Safe Browsing – It has a built-in Google safe Browsing to keep your device safe. It shows popup warnings when you try to navigate sites or download files that are dangerous or harmful for your device.  
  • Built-in Google Translator – It has a built-in Google Translator that helps you to translate entire web pages to your preferred language in one click.
  • Fast Downloads and Offline Web Pages and Videos – Chrome has a download option using which you can easily download videos, photos, and even entire web pages. You can also view these contents even when you are offline. 
  • Less Mobile Data – Turning on the ‘lite’ mode you can use up to 60 % fewer data. It can compress your texts, images, and videos without reducing the qualities. 

Google Chrome app is a very fast, secure, and easy to use compared to most other web browsers. In Android Chrome is the default browser built into the OS. And though in Windows or Mac, this browser is not the default browser the user can simply set in on default, making it easier to use.

Google Chrome
Google LLC

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