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Description of Google Earth

Google Earth application is a 3D map that presents 3D image of the Earth based on satellite imagery and geographic data. A map of the world created by analyzing different types of satellite images, data, etc. Here you will find a 3rd dimensional map of the world.

Through which you can travel around the world virtually sitting at home.

With the click, you will be able to visit all the unknown locations in different parts of the world, you will know a lot of new information through this Google Earth app. You can also see your own resident in a different dimension.

This map can be explored from any view or any angle by zooming, rotating, tilting.

If you want you can input any data in the Android Google Earth app, so that others can easily find it later. When you travel to a new place, you can add the location with some memorable pictures. Then others will be able to know about the place, will be interested.

How to find a place in the Google Earth application.

You can find locations anywhere in the world using Google Earth. All you have to do is enter the name of the place correctly in the search bar. Your specified location will appear on the map immediately after typing.

 You will find an option to measure at the bottom of Google Earth app. By which you can measure the distance of the place and how long it can take to get there.

 Advantage of Google Earth

There are some great aspects of Google. It's free for everyone. It can be used on most devices. And it presents the data to you in 3D in much more detail. It has many additional layers and you can embed it in any website. Another thing is that it is available in 45 languages.

Disadvantages of Google Earth

In addition to all the great features, it also has some disadvantages. For example, less developed countries are not well represented here. You will not find many locations. The big thing is that it requires high bandwidth to use. And it slows down your mobile a lot of the time.

The Google Earth app will bring the whole world to you virtually. You can travel anywhere. You will definitely like to use this wonderful app. You can easily enjoy Google Earth application by downloading the Android version from below.

Google Earth
Google LLC

16.51 MB

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