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Description of Grooveshark

Grooveshark APK is an online music streaming app. Here you can listen to various types of songs according to your choice. It has powerful search button features, allowing you to find songs, albums, favorite artist tracks, etc.

This latest Grooveshark application allows users to listen to their favorite track anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. Yes, you heard it right, whether you have an internet connection or not it will assist you in listening to popular music as per your choice.

Furthermore, you can create a custom playlist, save popular music, and share it with your friends and family. But to do that you need to have a premium account or 30-day free trial account. You need to register to access its features. Otherwise, without registration, you can only access the radio station.

It’s an amazing app for music lovers. In millions of songs through this Grooveshark app, you can listen to your favorite artist's songs.

Features Of Grooveshark

It is a fantastic choice for Android users. With the app, users can access millions of songs and stream like the Spotify app so that without the internet you can listen to music anytime, anywhere whenever you want.

  • Create a custom playlist with your favorite artist's song.
  • You will get a two-type registration option such as a free trial or a paid VIP account.
  • It’s user-friendly and has a simple interface.
  • Listen to popular music songs from various radio stations without registration.
  • After signing in as a premium user, download any song or album for free.
  • Respond to your Bluetooth and headset media buttons even when music isn’t playing.
  • Upon viewing the now playing screen prevent the screen from locking.
  • Playback is smooth and easy to navigate.

How To Navigate Grooveshark Music App

This app is easy to navigate and easy to understand, just simply tap on the search option and you will be able to find your favorite artist songs. However, if you want to add the songs to the library and save them properly, you may want to follow the methods below:

First Method: To listen to current popular songs anytime, download Grooveshark APK and install it on your regular phone.

Second Method: Now open the app, tap on the search option, and type the desired music that you want to add to your playlist. 

Third Method: After that, click on the three dots and add that track to your favorite options.

Fourth Method: Simply follow the trick until you complete your favorite list.

Fifth Method: Once you complete your favorite list, you can listen to your favorite playlist whenever you want.


Grooveshark APK is a dynamic application for users.

Here they can explore their favorite artist's songs and a simple effective interface design.

It allows users to easily navigate and download their desired music. However, you can listen to music without registration through various radio station options. Basically, as a music lover, to keep up to date with the latest music you surely want to download this wonderful app on Android.

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4.77 MB

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