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Description of Growtopia

Growtopia app is a multiplayer sandbox platform. This 2D creative sandbox platformer MMO game originally developed by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies alongside Mike Hommel of Hamumu Clubhouse.

In February of 2017, game developing company Ubisoft bought the rights to the franchise. This adventure Growtopia building game is free for all and available on mobile & consoles. Here player can be anyone and everyone is a hero they can play as wizards, doctors, star explorers or superheroes with fiends.

In this game player have to discover thousands of unique items and build their own worlds.

How to start the game:

At first, you have to create your own Growtopia character and get ready to explore the whole new world of Growtopia.

For entering a new world just type a name on the world search box. Start Punching dirt and cave background. You will get dirt, dirt seeds, cave background, cave background seeds and even a few Gems. Keep everything you get and continue to break blocks until your Gems count reaches 50. (you can see the counter at the top right corner) Then, click on the red gem to open up the item shop. You should use the 50 Gems that you earned to buy a Small Lock.

By becoming a supporter of Growtopia you can earn 1000 gems through Tap joy offers, which can be tedious, but you get the recycler tool which enables you to exchange unwanted items such as dirt for a few gems! In addition, you get newer skin colors, namely Red, Green, Cyan, Purple and White.
Or if you want you could break a bit more blocks until you saved up around 200 gems.

You can use them to buy a Big Lock,

Small Lock-Locks 10 Spaces
Big Lock-Locks 50 Spaces
Huge Lock-Locks 200 Spaces

World Locks lock the entire world! It costs a whooping 2000 gems to buy, so be sure to save those gems!
If you get a small lock or a big lock, choose your world’s name. Again, make sure its uninhabited, then place your lock above the white door. And surround the place with dirt.

Then, click once on your fist. It should now be changed to a wrench. Use the wrench on your lock by clicking on it, and then press the ‘ignore empty air’ button and the button which says ‘Re-adjust lock’. Now this is your world, and you should have a decent amount of dirt and cave background seeds.

You can obtain rocks and rock seeds by breaking rocks, and you can find lava seeds if you dig deep enough. Build up a decent supply of all 4 types of seeds, and you are ready to start planting and splicing.

How to make friend on Growtopia:

Playing alone is not fun. So everyone wants to make a friend who can be trusted. With which a good game will become enjoyable. For make new friend Simply use the wrench on the person, choose 'Invite as friend' If he accepts it, you will become friends. You can also make it by choosing 'Trade'.

Ubisoft Entertainment

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