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Hide Apps

Felix Android Apps

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Description of Hide Apps

Do you want to hide your private applications on your device?

If yes, you can install the Hide Apps APK. It is a very handy system that hides your installed apps from the launcher. If you choose this app people do not see what you install on your Android device. As a consequence, users select this app for their using convenience.

Generally, people want to keep hidden the apps, games, tools from the snooping eyes and children.  Normally, hiding applications is not simple and easy. So, app users take the help of a third-party platform. Today, an initiative is taken to talk about an excellent app named Hide Apps app.

What Is The Purpose Of The Hide Apps

Online platforms are full of content. Sometimes these contents are not appropriate for all. So, it creates a problem for the people. For example, some content is created for adult people. Those apps’ contents are not friendly for children. It may harm the children’s minds.

In this case, people want to hide the app to restrict the baby’s access.

How To Hide The App by the Hide Apps?

You just import an app that you are willing to hide by the Hide Apps application. You can copy or clone the application and uninstall the real one from your device. People sometimes install some important and private apps on their devices. They want to hide those apps from the public.

This is because these apps keep confidential and valuable information that may have a chance to be thieved. In this case, people depend on it. So, they can keep saving their information from unsolicited access. There is no possibility of getting the secret out.

There is an option to hide many famous applications such as Facebook, Google Play, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Telegram, Instagram, Line, Snapchat, Dribble, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clash of Clans, and so on. The latest Hide Apps tool is a great cloner.

You can clone and copy a similar app and keep it on your device at the same time to manage. Multiple accounts of the same apps can be used for various purposes.

Features of Hide Apps

You get many similar applications in this field or market. But, this app is one of the best for its distinctive features and functions. So, let’s follow below what are the features of this app.

  • Hide apps icon from the users
  • Having the support of PIN lock and fixing whatever PIN you want
  • User-friendly and simple Interface
  • Hide On & off button
  • Using the app, you can hide pictures, videos
  • View your hiding apps from the Hide Apps

Hide Apps application is 100% safe. There are no dangerous elements and ingredients that affect your device. This is because it upgrades regularly to get rid of threats, bugs, malware, and, viruses. It is a legal app. It followed all international rules and regulations to design and develop the app.

This tool was not engaged in any sort of illegal activity. It never breaches any legal standards that generate any problems for the users. In the end, the Hide Apps APK is very useful for Android users to hide their apps from the public. By using this app users can keep safe their confidential app.

So, you do not think twice to install and run it.

Hide Apps
Felix Android Apps

6.95 MB

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