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Description of Manyverse

Manyverse APK is a peer-to-peer decentralized Android app for social networking which is independent of internet connectivity. By using this app, users don’t have to all-time depend on internet connectivity to write posts like other social media apps. It is a completely free and open-source app.

Additionally, the latest Manyverse app doesn’t require any kind of login or registration to use it. It is an ad-free app as well where you don’t have to face any kind of disturbance while you are scrolling it and watching other’s posts. It also provides a lot of effort to protect the privacy and security of its users.

Features of Manyverse Application

  • Manyverse latest version app allows users to write public posts anytime and anywhere because it can be used while they don’t have an internet connection
  • It lets users share posts with their friends over the same Wi-Fi connection or connect to the Bluetooth
  • Users can chat with their friends with both one-on-one and group messaging features and add their comments on their friend’s posts
  • This app allows users to message privately with up to 7 participants
  • There is a wide collection of emoji reactions by which you can express your feelings to your friends
  • It is translated into various languages for the convenience of its users from different countries so that they can understand it easily
  • It allows you to block and mute other users you don’t like or don’t want to talk with them
  • It provides profiles with biographies so that you can know basic information about the other users before making a connection with them

How To Use Manyverse App

  1. First, download Manyverse APK from this website by clicking on the download button and it will initiate both the download and installation of it.
  2. Once you have completed installing, go to your device’s home screen and click on the app icon to open it.
  3. After opening it, you have to click the continue button multiple times to reach the create account page.
  4. Click on that Create Account button and you will be directly taken to the home page named Public Posts of this app. Here you can see some options including All, Following, Hashtags, Settings, and Search icons.
  5. From the All and Following options, you can see all the public posts and posts from your following accounts. You can see the Hashtag posts from your subscribed accounts by clicking on the Hashtags option.
  6. Click on the search icon and enter the keyword for the public post that you want to search for to find the specific post.
  7. There is a private button right beside the public post option from where you can start a private conversation with your friends. You can start a conversation by tapping on the + icon.
  8. After clicking on the + icon, choose your friend, click on the Next button, type your message, and click on the blue arrow button. It will send your message to the recipient.
  9. To know about your all activities, click on the Activity button right beside the Private Chats option.
  10. There is a Connections button at the very bottom right corner of the home screen of this app. From here, you can open the connections panel, and know how to get an invite. You can also paste the invite code and learn how to host a room server from the other choices option.
  11. By clicking on the settings icon, you can customize the feed settings.


Manyverse APK is a feature-rich social networking app that has gained a lot of popularity from its very initial release. As it is an open-source app, it doesn’t collect or restore any kind of metadata of its users, rather users have full control and responsibility over their data.

If you are looking for a social media app with all the powerful features but you don’t want to only depend on an internet connection and also don’t want to provide any kind of personal information to use the app, it is the perfect choice for you.

Andre Staltz

49.42 MB

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