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Description of Measure

Measure application is an excellent tool for taking measurements of any object. You can easily take measurements of any object around you through this latest Measure app.

Here you will find many more functions including AR Measuring distance, Ruler measurement, flashlight, decibel meter, protractor Spirit level, Compass, hanging picture Calibration, measuring.

Have you no tools to measure at home?

No need to worry, you can easily use this Measure app to take measurements of your necessary objects.

How to use

You can easily download the Measure app to your phone from here.  After installing the app, it should be allowed to use any other camera. Now using the app, you need to move the camera around the object you want to measure.

When you see a series of white dots on the item, you know that the app is ready to take measurements.

Now you need to tap on Start Measuring then you will see a dotted yellow circle. At this stage you need to move the yellow dot from the starting point to the end point. The Measure app will show you an approximate distance between the starting point and the end point. Now if you tap on the checkmark, your measurement process will be completed.

You can now save the measurement.

Features of Measure

Below are some of the great features of the app,

  • Measure the height length of any object on a flat surface such as a table sofa.
  • You can easily switch from metric unit to imperial or from imperial to metric unit.
  • With this app you can take pictures of measurements while taking measurements.
  • You can copy the measurement to the clipboard.
  • Rectangular objects can be automatically measured in this app.
  • Horizontal or vertical guidelines will be visible when measuring a very large object to facilitate your measurement.
  • Using this Measure app, you can instantly measure the height of a person from head to toe.
  • You can save measurements of any single session, take screenshots to make them easier to access and share later.

The latest version of Measure app with all the great features will come in handy. You can easily measure any object anywhere with your mobile using this app.

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12.19 MB

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