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Mega Shows

Mega Shows

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Description of Mega Shows

Download Mega Shows apk for your Android phone.

If you are a movie and series addict and can't miss out on the latest episode of your favorite show at any cost, then this application you need.

Mega Shows is a video streaming app where users can watch movies and series online for free. It offers a huge number of contents with the various genre, including action, thriller, horror, comedy, romance, fantasy, sports, etc. Just browse through its huge catalog to watch numerous movies and TV shows on your mobile phones.

Features of Mega Shows

  • Simple and Clear UI

The user interface of the Mega Shows app is very simple making it so easy to operate that even the new users of this app won’t face any problems.

  • Wide Range of Content

It provides a boundless collection of movies and shows. So, you don't need to go to other platforms to look for any show as Mega Shows have it all.

  • HD Quality

Mega Shows application provides you movies and shows in high-definition resolution.

  • Easy Search

The app has a search engine to make it easier for you to find any movie or show you are looking for.

  • Multiple Languages

Users from all over the world can view their favorite content in their preferred language in the Mega Shows app, as it supports multiple languages. This feature allows viewers to watch movies and shows from another region in their local language.

  • Subtitles

Mega Shows provides subtitles for all its content making it possible for its users to view movies or shows from any country in the world.

  • Load Subtitle

If you can't find your desired subtitles in the Mega Shows app's integrated subtitle option, you can also load the previously downloaded subtitle track in your device.

  • Download and Share

This app not only permits you to stream movies and shows online but also lets you download them for watching later. You can also share any content you want with your friends.

  • Browse Catalog

If you are not searching for any specific content you can also surf its catalog and find movies you are interested in watching.

  • Request Content

This is the most amazing feature of Mega Shows app. It allows you to request any movie or show to be uploaded if it is not available in the app.

  • Reward for Users

Users can also win exciting rewards by completing some tasks required by the app organization. For example - you have to make 3 minutes long (or longer) video in high quality and you get a chance to win up to 100$.

Mega Shows
Mega Shows

4.17 MB

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