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Description of Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite application is a simpler version of Messenger which is used mainly by people interested in just texting and calling while using some other features. Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms, but due to its advanced features, it takes up a lot of space and requires more data.

That's why Facebook launched this chatting application.

Messenger Lite app has many advantages over other platforms -

  1. All the Core Features: It includes only the core features of the Messenger app. One can easily send messages, pictures, links, and stickers to anyone on both Messenger or Messenger Lite.
  1. Less Storage and Speed: It takes up less storage space, processing power, and data as it has fewer options. This lite application takes up approximately 90 percent less storage space than Messenger. It is designed to work perfectly on 2G networks so it is advantageous to use Messenger Lite in areas with a slow or unstable internet connection.
  1. Other Vital Features: Although it has fewer features it does not lose out to other platforms as you can record a voice message, send stickers, call a friend, start a video chat by upgrading audio calls, create groups, mute or block others, and view a friend's profile along with the basic messaging options.
  1. Less Complicated: It is less complicated compared to the Facebook Messenger app. This makes it easier to operate. The user interface of Messenger Lite consists of only three simple buttons - Home, Contacts, and Profile. 
  1. Won’t Miss Out: You can also send money, share location and play games in this app. So, you don't necessarily miss out on anything.
  1. For mobile devices that are older and cheaper with limited processing powers and limited space, Messenger Lite app is the ideal choice.

Most users do not need those advance and complicated features that come along with Facebook Messenger. For them, this Facebook chatting app is a better choice as they will hardly miss out on anything by using it.

Messenger Lite

10.72 MB

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