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My Boy!
Fast Emulator

1.71 MB

Description of My Boy!

My Boy! considers a GBA Emulator that allows you to play all GameBoy Advance games through the Android device. It is so fast that helps you to run the game from the very low-end android to the very high-end android.

For its effectiveness, it is the most downloaded console emulator all over the globe.

It is a very lightweight app. it does not occupy more space or storage from your mobile phone memory or RAM. Besides that, My Boy! Emulator does not hamper your android device speed and normal stability.

My Boy! Emulator is a 100% safe and secure application for smartphone users. It does not carry any virus that will harm your device. So, without any doubt, you can install and use it.

Features of My Boy:

  • Pocket video game console
  • Supporting different games ROM
  • Creating decent speed
  • Emulate nearly all aspect of the real hardware
  • Having a perfect setting menu, sound, control system, graphic, and  effect
  • Having gyroscope, tilt, and solar sensor
  • High-level bios emulation
  • Wonderful video filters
  • Support GLSL Shaders
  • A powerful screen layout editor
  • Taking a screenshot of the games to save
  • Create a shortcut to launch favorite games easily
  • Well-designed and functional interface
  • OpenGL rendering backend
  • Keep saved in Google Drive
  • External controller supporting system
  • Switch to different screen layout and key mapping profiles
  • Having on screen key-pad
  • MultilinedGameShark, CodeBreaker, ActionReplay   enable and disable during the game playing
  • Run nearly all related games without difficulty
  • Consume very low internet data from your mobile

In a nutshell, My Boy! Emulator is a very efficient Emulator to run the game effectively. So, game lovers like to install it for taking advantage of playing the game.

My Boy!
Fast Emulator

1.71 MB

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