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MX TakaTak

MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)

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Description of MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak app is an excellent social network allowing to share short videos. This video streaming platform is based in India. It is an alternative to TikTok. MX TakaTak was published when India blocked Chinese applications a year back. Daily, thousands of users share their fun videos on this platform.

This Android application is 100% free for its users. You don’t need to purchase to install it. So, it is a great boon for fun lovers android users’. Indian people love it very much as it is produced locally. MX TakaTak app is now so popular in the Indian subcontinent as 15 million people use it now.

For this reason, local people get more benefits than others.

Useful Features of MX TakaTak,

  • Covering dialogue dubbing, memes, fashion & style, technology, dancing & singing, lipsyncing, Sports and games, comedy & Funny, joking, Food & cooking, health & fitness, and anything else comes to your mind
  • Download Videos to watch offline hen internet connection is not available on your android phone
  • Having an option to  capture, edit and beautify the videos to adjust and make them attractive for the audience
  • Like, comments and sharing the videos of others that help to interact with people and building a community
  • Having a sound library in this social network
  • Combine different image, videos, and recordings to make one  
  • Share the videos with friends through the WhatsApp
  • Creating duet videos
  • Having special effects, emoticons, and stickers

In short, MX TakaTak application tends to follow posting different trendy short videos contents. So, you can install and have a lot of fun.

MX TakaTak
MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)

52.91 MB

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