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Nimo TV

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Description of Nimo TV

Nimo TV application is a great platform for online game players from all over the world. With this app, players can play games with like-minded players and broadcast their own games. This Nimo TV app is owned by China's leading streaming company HUYA.

This app is very popular due to various games, great game events and live broadcasts.

Nimo TV Features

  • You will find all the popular games like PUBG Mobile / Free Fire / Mobile Legends / Arena of Valor / League of Legends. You will definitely enjoy them.
  • Players who are streaming their games live you can interact with them in real time and encourage them with gifts.
  • On this platform you can make friends with other gamers and share daily live with them.
  • You can get rewards by doing live shows and showcasing your gaming skills.

How to broadcast games

You can easily broadcast any of your games on this streaming Android app. For this you have to record the game on mobile in real time and then broadcast it. By opening a channel on Nimo TV app, you can easily broadcast your videos and share your gaming tips or experiences with others.

In this way, sharing your gaming experience with others will make you feel great. Here you can not only share your videos with others but also learn a lot of new things from other people's videos.

How to earn money

You can also earn money by using your hobby from this Nimo TV application. Your revenue will depend on the number of subscribers to your channel and the views of the viewers. For this you need to stream at least 20 days a month and stream for 2 hours every day.

In total, you need to stream at least 60 hours per month.

If you like sports, you must like the app. In this Nimo TV app, you can communicate with others in the community, share your favorite games. You can download Nimo TV app from below to get this great gaming experience.

Nimo TV
Nimo TV

171.2 MB

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