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Pocket Casts

Podcast Media LLC

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Description of Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts application is a very popular podcast platform. Its great search and discovery tools will help you to enjoy your favorite content, you will have a great user experience. This Pocket Casts is basically an audio player.

Features of Pocket Casts

  • Excellent design and theme will make your podcasts more attractive to you. You will find the light or dark theme of your choice to use in it. Enjoy your podcasts from anywhere.
  • Another great aspect of it is its excellent powerful playback system.
  • You can queue favorite shows in your next queue and can access them from any device synced with it
  • Trim the silences from the episodes so you can finish the shows very quickly. You can change the speed and also can increase the volume of the boys and you can stream the episodes on the fly. You can easily jump on the chapters.
  • Skip the intro and intervals of the shows. You can also enjoy the shows on TV through Chromecast. In this Pocket Casts app, are also many more benefits.
  • Your subscriptions, filter history, playback is all stored securely in the cloud so you can start from any device where you ended up. You will get the information of all the new episodes through refresh. And whenever a new episode comes, you will get it through notifications. The episodes are downloaded so you can also enjoy them offline. Custom Filters will also organize the episodes for you. On stage you are getting all the tools you need.
  • Subscribe to any podcast from any medium and search by chart, network or category. You can share episodes with others, you can jump across the board with OPML import and you can export your collection if you want.

You can download Pocket Casts APK on your mobile from our website for the very latest version.

Pocket Casts
Podcast Media LLC

18.02 MB

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