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Description of Quik

Quik app is a great video editing tool for Android. You can use any of your pictures or video clips to create great videos in a very short time with this app. You can make your video interesting by adding all the nice effects, audio, or text.

Quik Features

The Quik application is rich in all the great features. Below are some great features,

  • Finds the best moments by analyzing the pictures or videos you provide. Then it detects the face and color for proper framing. After that, you can adjust everything manually.
  • Here you will find 23 themes with rich graphics. You can choose whichever you need. Then customize your video to your liking using texts, filters and graphics.
  • Here you can easily record, trim or rotate pictures or video clips.
  • Customize your moments using text, emoji etc.
  • You can control the speed of the footage. You can make slow-motion video and increase the speed of footage if you want.
  • With this you can cut a beautiful part from a big video clip or you can also use full video.
  • Here you can use GPS sticker.
  • Its tarns on audio as soon as it detects any voice.
  • You can choose between Cinema, square or portrait format for the convenience of sharing on Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Set the duration for the DVD or title as you like.
    The app will automatically adjust the changes.
  • There are many free audios that you can use for your videos or you can use audio from your collection. Quik app supports audio in MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF and WAV formats.
  • You can start the soundtrack from anywhere in the song.
  • Quik application automatically synchronizes with the rhythm of the music.
  • You can save your videos in an amazing HD format.
  • You can easily share the videos on various social platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Or you can send the link privately to someone via text or email.
  • Go Pro Plus saves your shared videos to your Plus account.
  • You can save your projects as a draft for up to seven days. You can edit them later.
  • Flashbacks 24H allows you to re-enjoy the footage you create throughout the day.

Quik app is free and you can easily download and use the app on your mobile from here. It is very user friendly and beautiful to look at. While the Quik Android app is not very suitable for professional level work, it is excellent for beginners.

If you have just started video editing related work, you can choose this Quik application without any hesitation.


307 MB

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