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Description of SURE

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SURE Universal is exactly the app you need to turn your home into a Smart Home. It is an award winning and world-leading remote-control app that can control your Smart TV, Home entertainment and media streamers like Roku, Chromecast, and Kodi.

This remote control app can also send music, videos and images to a Smart TV and other smart media devices.

How to Use?

SURE Universal can be downloaded for free from our website. It is very simple to set up. Connect to Wi-Fi and as many devices as you want.
To control the home devices you need a built-in IR blaster in your phone. But if you don't have a built-in IR blaster, you can also use this app by using Wi-Fi-to-IR controller.


  • Simple and Easy Control: You can control over millions of different devices like TV, Cable and Set-Top Box, Media Streamer, Smart Lights, Air Conditioner Remote, Disc Player and DVD, AV Receiver, Projector, etc.
  • Voice Assistant: SURE Universal application allows you to use record your voice to command the app. No external voice assistants are needed.
  • Media Player: It supports all Popular Audio/Video formats. You can browse and play you favorite music and video, even by folder.
  • Stream on Smart Tv: You can stream any music, video, and photos on your smart TV and other devices directly from your phone. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite content on a high resolution screen.
  • Create Group: You can easily control multiple devices together by creating a group in SURE Universal app.
  • Copy with Shared Network: this app also allows you to copy any files from a shared folder in a local network to your mobile device and vise versa.
  • Easy Remote Healthcare: SURE Universal offers the safest, endways IOT home health-care solutions for remote diagnosis, nursing and e-health. This is impeccably modified for patients’ comfort. Controlling the health-care devices SURE monitors health and wellness readings anywhere and anytime. Using its Artificial Intelligence technology, it can automatically sense atypical events and send emergency warnings to care-teams.


SURE Universal app is very strict with privacy policies.

It never accesses user data unauthorized and also no sign in is required to operate the app. While installing, it asks only the basic information about the users, such as identity (if you subscribe to get the ad-free version), location, access to media and files, microphone, device ID & call info.

SURE Universal Ltd.

48.79 MB

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