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Description of Shelter 69

Shelter 69 APK is a splendid survival game. In this game, you have to gather resources, construct, and upgrade your shelter, and make a strategic decision to ensure security for your community. Basically, you must build a secure pleasant life with food, shelter, clothing, and a place to live.

Along with that, you need strong materials such as wood, stone, and metal to upgrade your shelter.

This latest Shelter 69 is designed in such a way that you have to survive with your community in a hazardous environment. As a player, you must defend your shelter by assigning tasks, recruiting new members, and making tough decisions.

Predominantly, you surely want to defend your shelter from hunger, thirst, and radiation as well. Overall, it is a very challenging task, and you will lead the community from the front. Additionally, the more you progress in the game the tough situation it will bring for you to survive.

Mainly, it will test your survival skills gruesomely. All in all, you will be able to battle, trade, and exchange stuff with other players' bunkers in the online mode, as well as attack and seize their entire globe, during gameplay. The interesting part is, in this game, you can interact with stunning women to date them and use them for your benefit like by sharing items and products. 

Features Of Shelter 69 Games

Shelter 69 latest game is not like other typical games. With this game, you will learn survival skills, and patience, and enhance your confidence to fight when the situation is not in your favor. Plus, you will enjoy tremendous features to enhance your survivable gaming experience.

Check out its remarkable features below.

  • Construct and establish your own foundation.
  • Engage in more in-depth conversations with girls.
  • Participation in the economic activities of other organizations.
  • Experience 2D game characters.
  • Enjoy simple controls while playing the game.
  • Encountered with lots of touch challenges.
  • Experience a fascinating story.
  • You can collect costumes as per your choice.
  • Trade products and priceless stuff with other shelters.
  • Build a robust and profitable shelter.
  • Organize individuals into groups and send them on a mission.

How To Play Shelter 69 Games On Android

If you are struggling to play this game on your regular device, then you may want to follow the process below.

  1. Download Shelter 69 APK and install it on your regular device.
  2. Now open the game on your regular device.
  3. Next, start to build a shelter.
  4. After that, construct and upgrade the shelter with wood, stone, and metal.
  5. Now, cooperate with beautiful girls to share items and trade products.
  6. Then, you may want to recruit new members of your community and assign them a task.
  7. Lastly, always be prepared for an attack from the enemy and always upgrade the shelter to enhance the protection.


Shelter 69 APK is such a fascinating story-based game. In this game, you will face lots of challenging phases. It will assist you in learning to keep calm in difficult situations. This game has stunning features and cute characters which will allure you to play this game for a longer period.

Therefore, to enhance your survival skill you surely want to download the game on your smart device.

Shelter 69

160 MB

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