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Description of Shopify

Sell your items with Shopify application.

Shopify allows you to set up an online store to manage orders, products, staff and customers from anywhere in the world. Businessmen can use Shopify app whatever their business size and volume.

Benefits of Shopify

  • It saves time and money. If you have limited staff and resources, you can take the option of the app as it does not drain your resources.
  • Manual data entry is time-consuming and not error-free. App integration reduces error and eliminates duplicates.
  • Integration makes your app smarter and gives you better results and insight.
  • One of the biggest abilities of the app is “Customizability”.
  • App integration is not expensive and complicated. So, it is affordable for all.
  • Edit customer details and contact customer directly by an app.

Different channels can be integrated to increase sell which are online, in-store, and more. It is easy to reach customers through Instagram, Facebook, and messenger. Daily, weekly and monthly sales report and Inventory management option is available to handle business effectively and efficiently. There is an option to create discount and holiday offers of sales and monitor discount codes through the app.

Run marketing campaign:

  • Grow sales with google smart shopping campaign.
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Write new content for your blog.
  • Track results and get customer recommendations to improve your result over time.

How product and collection managing:

  • Add product manually and through barcode scan.
  • Edit item characteristics and variants.
  • Create and update automated or manual collections.
  • Manage tags and categories.
  • Define product visibility on different channels.
  • Synch with 3rd party sites to sell on Etsy like Amazon eBay and more.
  • View fraud analysis

All you can do through one platform like payment, order process, inventory management, report making, customer service, marketing & branding, and shipping the products. Shopify application makes the businessmen life easy.

So, people can initiate their business through Shopify app as it has everything you need to run an e-commerce store.

Shopify Inc.

25.90 MB

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