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Description of WhatsDog

WhatsDog app is an amazing application that tracks the online activities who register their number in WhatsApp. It is such a tool that tends to monitor how much time they spend on WhatsApp. Mainly it tries to identify the addiction level i.e. how many hours engage in chatting.

This Android application is also notify instantly you about your friends’ connection time and details. Basically, this WhatsDog application keeps a role as a spy on any phone number to detect when a person connects to WhatsApp.

Presently, it is a great application for Android users to use. This tool helps to generate different date reports where you find how much time contacts spend each day. The important matter is that the targeting contacts do not know about the spying what and when you conduct. Overall, to do it, you have to introduce the contacts.

There are several similar tools in the market but the latest WhatsDog app is the best for its uniqueness.

You can use it comfortably without facing any hassle. This app is 100% safe and secure to use. There is no malware available to harm your device. So, without any sort of suspect, you can continue using it for your convenience.

The useful features of the WhatsDog,

  • Getting information about spending duration and other details
  • Need not install WhatsApp or saved contact number
  • Getting information whether contact online or offline;(just remains in register)
  • Despite blocked, it can be tracked the activities
  • See when others are in WhatsApp
  • Do not get caught
  • See the connection graph of online and offline. Besides, you can see how many and how much time
  • Turning notification on and off ( keep silent mood)
  • Collect information of the day, week, and 30 days

In a nutshell, WhatsDog app is very useful to get alerts when a certain contact connects to WhatsApp. In his case, the surprising matter is that the contact holders do not realize what happened.

Second Lemon

20.30 MB

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